The Urban Child Study Center (UCSC) is an interdisciplinary research center in the College of Education & Human Development in the Georgia State University. UCSC promotes the overall development and school success of children and youth in urban contexts through innovative, translational research that informs policy and practice. Leveraging the College’s and University’s talent and resources, UCSC focuses on children, families, school, and communities.

Core Values

In order to address the needs of children comprehensively, the UCSC is guided by several core principles that characterize our partnerships and our research. These include:

  • universities are resources to their communities
  • addressing “the whole child” means the child, the family, the school, and the community
  • complex problems deserve comprehensive solutions
  • collective impact and diverse perspectives to promote sustainable change
  • researchers can both generate and share knowledge in an accessible manner
  • research-practice partnerships bridge the divide between “knowing” and “doing” what works
  • commitment to rigorous research and scholarship activities
  • commitment to objective, independent, and meaningful analyses and recommendations

Our Work

The UCSC utilizes an interdisciplinary approach focusing on the following areas: