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Atlanta 323

The Partnership for School Readiness and Achievement from Age 3 to Grade 3 (Atlanta 323), is a research alliance between Atlanta Public Schools (APS), Georgia State University (GSU), center-based early learning providers, and several community organizations focused on Atlanta’s preschool to 3rd grade (P3) early childhood system. Atlanta 323 will focus on one of the most important components of an effective P3 system: the data. We will develop the research infrastructure necessary for partners to utilize data to inform programmatic practice and policy decisions. Specifically, we will:

  • build an integrated longitudinal database linking school readiness and achievement data from preschool through 3rd grade
  • engage the school district to gather pre-K-3rd grade data for the database
  • engage early childhood education providers to gather preschool and pre-K data for the database
  • conduct initial P3 research studies on readiness, achievement, and transition to kindergarten
  • establish design teams to develop and study solutions to challenges that emerge from the findings
  • communicate findings with diverse stakeholder groups including state, district, and school leadership, early learning providers, teachers, community organizations, and families
  • develop a shared research agenda and organizational structure among partners

Atlanta 323 partners include:

Please view links below for more detailed information about A323’s theory of change:

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Link to theory of change document

For more information about this project, please contact: Johari Harris (, Dr. Nicole Patton Terry (,  Dr. Kevin Fortner ( or Dr. Gary Bingham (