Children play in the park - words say Training & Technical Assistance, Research-Practice Partnerships and Program Evaluation

With a focus on the unique needs of urban communities, the UCSC works in an interdisciplinary and collaborative fashion to identify problems, explore causal relationships, develop and evaluate solutions, and assist in training and professional development.

Research-Practice Partnerships

  • UCSC faculty and associates partner with professionals, educators, organizations, and community leaders to assist in the design, implementation, and evaluation, and scaling of programs and research projects that promote the learning, development, and positive educational outcomes for children and youth. By creating these partnerships, the Center commits to an active, lasting role in the development of solutions to the most challenging issues facing urban children and youth today.

Program Evaluation Support

  • Organizations often need data to drive their decision-making. UCSC faculty and associates have the content knowledge and expertise needed to design evaluations of program characteristics, processes, and outcomes. Through these independent evaluations, the UCSC can help organizations identify what’s working, what can be changed, and what to do next to achieve their goals.

Training & Technical Assistance

  • UCSC faculty and associates have a wide array of specialized knowledge and skills, and are available to support organizations with broad range of activities, including information sharing, workshops, training, and strategic planning.