A little girl with a backback smiles. Words on graphic are Information and Resources; Community Partnerships; Impact Pieces/Products; Summary sentence is, "Solving targeted problems to inform and change policy and practice."

Armed with both the knowledge gained from research and evaluation efforts as well as content expertise about evidence-based practices needed to solve targeted problems, the UCSC will work to inform and change policy and practices to serve the best interest of urban children and youth.


  • UCSC faculty and associates advocate for policies, services, and programs that support the unique needs of children and youth living in urban areas.  Fundamental to our approach is a belief that children’s well-being is tied to the well-being of their families, schools, and communities.  Therefore, we strive to support public policy that preserves and protects them all.

Collective Impact

  • UCSC actively seeks out opportunities to be involved in collective impact initiatives focused on children and youth living in urban areas.  Moving beyond partnerships, successful collective impact initiatives are characterized by a group of organizations working together toward a shared agenda, shared indicators of effectiveness, constant communication between partners, and active involvement by all partners.  Taking this approach, the UCSC can support large–scale change in the complex challenges facing urban children and youth.